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AgroWing is made by company Agrozona. Professional roof ridge / roof window system for the most efficient air movement in the farm.

Our mission !

Provide the consumer with quality farm equipment that will benefit both humans and animals!

Above all, don't be afraid to take on big challenges to prove your abilities and responsibilities.

To work and strive for the highest quality, to be ready to respond to the changing wishes and needs of customers.


Calf comfort

Animal welfare

The employees of ''company Agrozona'' have more than 15 years of experience in the production and distribution of cattle farm equipment.

Our goal is to conquer our positions in the Latvian, European and Russian markets. To do this, we offer high-quality and high-quality equipment suitable for any cattle farm.

Company "Agrozona" is a representative of world-renowned and internationally recognized manufacturers. In Latvia, we represent companies from the USA, Canada, Indonesia, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries around the world.

Company "Agrozona" is a Latvian company that offers products manufactured in Latvia - farm equipment.We produce farm curtains, cow bed mattresses, polycarbonate roof ridges, gate systems and other products.

The sales team of company "Agrozona" is always ready to give you answers, help and give advice to improve the welfare of cows!

Our colleagues are always kind and responsive, ready to offer the best.

Company "Agrozona" provides high quality full service for our products. Our team is well trained - we are professionals in our field and we will always be able to find a solution.


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